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Top Blockchain Programming Languages

Blockchain technology has come to become one of the fastest growing technologies in the recent years. A fairly nascent technology that first made headlines in 2009 via the development of Bitcoin white paper by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakomoto. Ever since, blockhain market has ballooned to roughly $1.2 billion within a space of 10 years and predicted to reach at least 45 times higher this valuation by 2025.

As a developer hoping to be a part of this growing revolution, it important to look at the different programming languages that will provide a good edge in being successful in the field.


Javascript is known as the king of the web with at least 9.7 Million developers backing it. It has been ranked as the most popular language for web developers and due to its flexibility and ease of usage; it has become exceptionally favored for building a blockchain platform with its object-oriented programming approach and asynchronous operations. Javascript facilitates efficient and highly responsible application by handling operations in an asynchronous way, performing multiple operations in parallel thus increase the speed of operation in the blochchain application. Example of a popular blockchain application built using javascript is Lisk.


This is a general purpose programming language used for scalable and resource intensive applications. It is capable of handling parallel and non-parallel tasks efficiently and has a high memory control capability. An example of a popular blockchain application built on C++ is EOS.


This is the first programming language built specifically for blockchain decentralized applications by the core developers of the Ethereum blochchain. It is a high-level programming language that is inspired by C++, Javascript and Python languages with syntax very similar to javascript and c++. It finds its biggest popularity in the ICO contract development that is akin to crowdfunding for startups. 


Java is another class-based programming language that uses object-oriented programming. It has been ranked in the top 3 programming languages with up to 9 milliioin developers. An example of a blochain application built on Java is NEM.


This is another great high-level programming language backed by Microsoft Corporation and at least 2M developers worldwide. It is an object-oriented language and hence facility easy and organized implementation of a blockchain application. It has found its usefulness in building two very popular blockchain applications namely Stratis and NEO