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Top Blockchain Programming Languages

Blockchain technology has come to become one of the fastest growing technologies in the recent years. A fairly nascent technology that first made headlines in 2009 via the development of Bitcoin white paper by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakomoto. Ever since, blockhain market has ballooned to roughly $1.2 billion within a space of 10 years and predicted to reach at least 45 times higher this..

Blockchain in Real Estate

In a traditional real estate setting buying and selling involves dealing with intermediaries like settling brokers or agents, banks, local governments and lots of paper works. With all these comes delay in the overall process, high cost of transactions (adding the costs of settling the intermediaries) and vulnerability to frauds and thefts. A typical commercial real estate transaction involve..

Smart Contracts

Smart Contract is a computer protocol written and placed in the blockchain to digitally verify and enforce a negotiation without the need for intervention by any third-party.  In other words, smart contracts allow agreements and transactions to be carried out among two anonymous individuals without the need for a central authority or legal system.Smart contracts are disrupting the traditional..

Blockchain for business transformation

Blockchain as the name implies is a collection of data blocks interlinked inform of a chain by cryptography. Many will easily imagine crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Litcoin once a blockchain is mentioned but not all blockchain technology involves a crypto currency. In the following paragraph, we will be looking into the cutting edge ways blockchain is quickly changing new or existing startups ..